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Are my customers searching for me on their smartphones, tablets and mobile devices?

YES, YES & YES. Morgan Stanley did some research looking at the Internet Mobile users versus Internet Desktop users and Identified that 2014 was the year that Mobile search overtook the dominant desktop search vehicle.

It has been recorded that 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience. Your customers can’t be bothered turning on their PC and so run dozens of quick searches via their mobile devices in minutes. Google is passionate about providing the best user experience and right now that means they are focused on Mobile friendly websites and so are we.

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Why is google punishing my website results in the search engines?

Google’s smart algorithms are dedicated to providing fast, effective solutions to all searches and with the incredible rise of smartphone and tablet usage, their focus is on providing mobile friendly websites at the top of the listings, especially when it comes to local business results.

As a result, Google will provide less emphasis to those local business websites that are not mobile friendly and more love to those who are. In real terms, Google isn’t penalising your site, but instead their algorithms are providing a shining light (more 1st page rankings) on those who utilise Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Why take the risk? Give your business the best opportunity to outrank your competitors today and put Google's impressive power in the back pocket of your website. Our unique 4 step process will get you up and running fast and our pricing schedule is extremely competitive.

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Will I get more customers and rank higher if my site is mobile friendly?

Here are some stats you might find of interest to help answer this, as provided by research done by Google & Nielson in Q4, 2012.
    • 56% of mobile searches trigger a call to a local business in less than 1 hour with 85% within 5 hours.
    • 83% of mobile searches trigger a purchase within 5 hours of starting their search.
    • 45% of all mobile searches are goal-oriented and conducted to help make a buying decision

It would be fair to say that if you are not offering a mobile friendly website you are not using best practice and removing your opportunities to win online significantly. Think User Experience. When you search online, if you see a site that isn’t mobile responsive and has really small text, the likelihood is that you will hit the back button and find a site that is. Your customers are doing exactly the same but with YOUR BUSINESS. We can fix that for you. Call us today on 1300 888 999.

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What are your options for a mobile friendly website?

Do it yourself

You always have a choice. If you have the technical know-how then we highly recommend moving your site to a responsive web design ASAP.

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Done for You

If you are concerned about losing business to your competitors, getting left behind and you are on a tight budget, then we’ve got a brilliant solution. Our 4 step mobile friendly website conversion process will allow you to:

   • Maximise your leads online
   • Provide the best user experience for potential customers searching for your local business.
   • Keep the phone ringing with new enquiries so you can maximise your monthly revenue.

Do you qualify and how can we work together to build a
new mobile responsive local website for your business?

Our dedicated mobile conversion service is perfect if you...

• Run a local business servicing local clients
• Have an existing website that is not mobile friendly or mobile responsive. Click here to test your site if you are unsure
• Want to create an effective business solution for the long term
• Are tired of losing business to your competitors
• Want to have a site built on the latest HTML5 technology that is 100% mobile responsive and looks brilliant
• Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to upgrade your current website

Do you run one of these businesses?

Accountants Building Contractors Day Spa
Acupuncture Business Coach Dentists
Air Conditioning Carpenters Debt Help
Architects Catering Services Dermatologists
Bankruptcy Chiropractors Door Repairs
Beauty Salan Concrete Driveways Financial Planners
Bookeeping Services Criminal Lawyers Flooring